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pH: A Novel

Author: © Nancy Lord Publisher: WestWinds Press® an imprint of Graphic Arts Books® Publication Date: September 2017 Type: F

Beautiful Giant

Authors: © Margi Prideaux Publisher: Stormbird Press Publication Date: February 2017 Type: Nonfiction Social Media: Website,

All Things Breathe Alike

Authors: © Donna Mulvenna, Jessica Groenendijk, and Margi Prideaux Publisher: Stormbird Press Publication Date: February 2017

Saving the Places We Love

Author: © Ned Tillman Publication Date: 2014 Type: Nonfiction Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Amazon Author Page, Author Websi

Bad Atmosphere – A Collection of Poetry & Prose on the Climate Crisis

Author: © Don Ogden Publisher/Ordering: Levellers Press Publication Date: October 5, 2016 Type: Poetry and Prose Social Media

Flip the Bird

Author: © Kym Brunner Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for Young Readers Publication Date: November 2016 Type: Novel Orde

Dubito, Ergo Sum

Author: © P. Gordon Judge Publication Date: July 24, 2016 Type: Trilogy Ordering: Amazon Social Media: Facebook, Amazon Autho

Wild Things, “The Man Who Jumped”

Author: Jaimee Wriston Colbert Publisher: BkMk Press (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Publication Date: October 15, 2016 T

The Audit

Author: © Rachel May Publisher: Moon Willow Press Publication Date: October 16, 2015 Type: Short Story from the Winds of Chan

The Green and the Red

Author: © Armand Chauvel Translator: Elisabeth Lyman Publisher: Ashland Creek Press Type: Fiction Publication Date: 2014 Orde