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Gods of Little Earth

Author: © J. Zornado
Series: 2050: A Future History, Volume I
Publisher: Merry Blacksmith Press
Publication Date: November 28, 2014
Ordering: See publisher above or Amazon
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This volume I is part of the 2050: A Future History series, which is a vision of the post-human world 2000 years from now, about 2050 “after Simon” as the locals say. Their history is our future. The overarching narrative is a meditation on knowing. It is also a projection about where things are headed from here, given our obsessions with AI, cloning, and life extension, infinite power, and so on.

Joseph Zornado is a professor of English and director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at Rhode Island College in Providence, Rhode Island. His three-volume 2050: A Future History is made up of Gods of Little Earth, The Power at the Bottom of the World, and The Keys to the Kingdom. All three are published by Merry Blacksmith Press. Joseph Zornado is also the author of Inventing the Child (Garland 2000/Routledge 2006).

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